Hey there!

I'm Kristin. I'm a published portrait and branding photographer. Making people comfortable enough to be their most true selves is the name of my game! I love when my clients come to their session telling me they're so awkward in front of the camera (spoiler alert: everyone is. everyone.) and texting me three weeks later telling me they're crying tears of joy looking through their album. Their tears bring me joy. Okay, that sounded a little dark, but you get what I mean!

I'm the mom of one adorable, little hellion of a daughter and the wife to the actual kindest man on the planet. I've got a penchant for rescuing dogs and buying alllll the plants. My toxic trait is eating cheese every day despite being allergic. Most days you can find me attempting to corral my little herd and singing along to Lizzo at the top of my lungs.

Natural light photo of woman kneeling on the ground with arms around a monstera deliciosa

What other clients have to say!

What other clients have to say!

“I always look forward to photo sessions with Kristin! She kept our home photo session light and fun even though my husband dreads having pictures taken. Kristin has an eye for photography and we’ll treasure our photos for years to come.”