family gathers on the ground for a fun group hug
South African couple cuddle and play with their three boys in a flower field in Raleigh North Carolina
red headed toddler swings on tire swing on family farm
Family dressed in cool blue and warm mustard colors laugh together at Carvers Creek State Park in Spring Lake NC
Natural light photo of Filipino family tickling toddler in their minimalist home in Fayetteville North Carolina
Small blonde girl in gingham dress plays between mom and dad while baby sister looks in Historic Fayetteville NC
mom hugs pre-teen and teenage sons under oak trees
Mom breastfeeds her young babe in a field of orange and yellow flowers in Four Oaks NC
Adoptive mom Beth gives Eskimo kisses to her oldest daughter in their home in Knoxville Tennessee
Boy mom Kate Rangel frolics with sons at golden hour in Raleigh North Carolina
Dad kisses his youngest daughter in a black and white photo in Downtown Fayetteville North Carolina
Foster and adoptive mom holds all her babies in her home in Knoxville Tennessee
Parents hold their three boys in the back on their truck lit by the sunset in Raleigh North Carolina
Grandparents hold their two youngest grandbabies in a natural light photo taken in Carolina Lakes
Young girl skips on the curb while holding her dads hand in downtown historic Fayetteville NC
A dad plays with his son in their home while mom and puppy look on
Mother and son pet the nose of a brown horse in a farm in Fayetteville North Carolina

There’s an urgency to soak up these moments with our children. There’s a longing to bottle up every ounce of these memories & keep them tucked safely in our hearts. There is beauty & pain that runs deep in a mama’s heart. An ache of mixed emotions that we try our best to sort through.⁣ ⁣ Excitement for their future, but the dread of them growing up. Longing for a full nights sleep, but missing the midnight rocking chair moments. Wanting them to succeed, but fearing they will no longer need you.⁣ ⁣ A mother’s heart is constantly rocked back & forth between the waves of changing emotions. A never-ending battle within us. But that is the proof of our love.

- Caitlin Henderson | Faith, Farming, Family

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